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Our Research Portfolio

The Center for Translational medicine (CTM) is a highly interdisciplinary research platform in the International Clinical Research Center (ICRC), a EU-funded project of the St. Anne’s University Hospital, Brno, to build its own translational medical research premises. The research center, previously known as Integrated Center for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (ICCT) currently hosts researchers and students from all over the world (13 nationalities being currently represented) and aims at unveiling the molecular mechanisms involved in the onset and progression of the diseases of aging. For this purpose, CTM adopts original and interdisciplinary approaches based on the use of smart materials, microfluidics systems, bioreactors, mechanically-assisted devices and multi-faceted molecular and cellular biology skills to investigate the molecular basis of complex diseases.


CTM is currently articulated in 5 independent but complementary research groups:


1) Mechanobiology of Disease Group (MBD). The group is active and internationally recognized for its studies on the impact of mechanosensor system in determining the onset and progression of cardiovascular pathologies (Dr. Giancarlo Forte);


2) Translational Neuroscience and Aging Research Group (TNA), aiming at disclosing the link between the impairment of axonal transport and the occurrence of neurodegenerative pathologies (Dr. Gorazd B. Stokin);


3) Cellular and Molecular Immunoregulation Group (CMI). The group is devoted to investigate how acute and chronic inflammation contributes to tissue remodelling during regeneration and ageing (Dr. Jan Fric).

4) Epigenetics in Metabolism and Aging (EMA).  The group aims at unveiling the epigenetics mechanisms of liver cancer progression. Moreover, the group is interested in investigating the effects of short term fasting to treat gastrointestinal cancers (Dr. Manlio Vinciguerra).

5) Molecular Control of Cell Signaling (MCCS). The group investigates the molecular signaling machinery controlling fundamental cellular processes like cell death/survival, migration and cellular differentiation. and this project specifically added mitochondria and aging (Dr. Jaeyoung Shin). 

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